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An automated workforce scheduling solution simplifies the day-to-day processes for your employees.

Business appointment scheduling can be a confusing process, especially if you have a busy calendar or many decisions that have to made at the same time. Automation of your systems can ensure a large part of the tasks can be done automatically regardless of the volume.

With Fast Lean Smart’s business appointment scheduling software you can manage your business better and reap the rewards of doing so. You know your business better than anyone else – better than we do – so our software works by taking into consideration your unique parameters and then works with those to improve decision making. Our workforce scheduling software can help you make even better business planning decisions by evolving best practice. Smooth workforce scheduling that delivers for you and your workforce is very important, and that’s where our product FLS VISITOUR comes in.

FLS VISITOUR uses your parameters to determine the best appointments for your customers, and it does this in real time. Fast, reliable, powerful, very accessible and user configurable, we guarantee that FLS VISITOUR will help you to make improvements and simplify the way in which you schedule appointments.

Choose Fast Lean Smart’s business appointment scheduling software if you want a solution that works for your business.