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Want to improve your service levels?FLS - Appointment Scheduling Software

Perhaps you want to lower the number of missed appointments? With the right business appointment scheduling software you can save your business time and money while helping your business to grow and expand

FLS VISITOUR, Fast Lean Smart’s leading software product, holds the key to effective appointment scheduling. Our software has the ability to support different kinds of appointment scheduling from confirming planned tasks into your diary in an intelligent way to real time optimised and cheapest cost appointment offers whilst the customer is on the phone. Every business will have a slightly different way of doing things, but our software is customisable, and through the use of workflow will guide users through your existing processes and help you derive best practice. This might be financial services appointment booking, engineer inspections appointment booking, or even domestic appliance repair appointment booking. FLS VISITOUR adapts to determine the best appointments for your customers, offering flexibility and cost efficiency.

Our appointment scheduling software is fast, reliable, flexible and won’t let you down. By implementing our appointment optimisation software, you will be able to save your business money, improve customer service and make things easier for your back office staff. You will also be able to generate more sales from customers by achieving better customer satisfaction.