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Our dispatch management software will transform the performance of your business, enabling automation, control and managing every aspect of daily operations and service work.

A hosted management service can be tailored to meet the specific demands and needs of your business, simplifying procedures, streamlining processes, and providing end-to-end management of all your service operations. This can include intelligent route planning, dispatch and appointment scheduling to enable effective workforce optimisation.

Dispatch management software, once integrated, will help your business to generate more revenue while increasing efficiency and improving productivity. You may be looking to more efficiently control or reduce costs, or provide a better level of service? Fast Lean Smart have been listening to their customers needs and helping streamline their field service operations since 1992. From the very beginning, our solutions have been highly configurable and able to be tailored and adapted to the current and future needs of service businesses.

With FLS VISITOUR workforce and dispatch management software capabilities, you can expect powerful features such as an online appointment portal to empower dispatchers and customers to provide and receive the best levels of service. FLS VISITOUR delivers real-time optimised diary appointments and can be integrated easily into any existing system or process.

Our tried and tested service management software has helped many service businesses grow or improve the way they work. Fast Lean Smart are committed to making sure your business thrives through its use of FLS VISITOUR software.