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Could you make the way in which you organise your diary more efficient?

Juggling your time and your appointments can only be done successfully with effective scheduling. Making sure that all your engineers are managing their time and schedules effectively is important as this will lead to greater productivity in general, and the solution is Fast Lean Smart’s engineer scheduling software.

Fast Lean Smart is a leader in the field of appointment scheduling software. Our FLS VISITOUR software can offer the solution to any business challenges that you face. Appointment scheduling, route scheduling and dispatch management for field engineers, inspectors, sales and service staff can be very complex; so anything that can be done to streamline processes should be done. Without effective and reliable engineer scheduling software it’s almost impossible to achieve everything you want to achieve, whether that be improving customer service or the management of your back office staff.

For the ultimate software solution look to FLS; ee can tailor our solutions to meet your company’s specific needs, ensuring the right solution to any problems you may be having.