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Looking for the best and most effective scheduling software?

Companies with a large workforce inevitable are more challenged when it comes to determining task assignments. If you want to be able to schedule your field service staff effectively then Fast Lean Smart’s field service scheduling software can greatly improve scheduling efficiency and accuracy.

Our flagship product, FLS VISITOUR, supports the real-time optimisation from your back office staff through to task allocation, appointment scheduling and the route scheduling of your field staff. Whether you want to improve your workflow systems or simplify resource management, FLS VISITOUR can meet all your business needs and objectives. Our software, once implemented and integrated, is easy to use and flexible. FLS VISITOUR is highly customisable and will adapt to an individual customer’s workflow both in the back office and on an engineers mobile device.

If you’re looking for the best and most effective scheduling software, then look no further than Fast Lean Smart’s FLS VISITOUR. Everything you could want in one product with pre-configured options for all eventualities and requirements.