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Over the past decade, advancements in technology have seen the world become increasingly mobile friendly. With businesses now relying on laptops, smart phones and tablets, it is important that the right software is used to ensure that these mobile devices can be leveraged to their full potential.

At Fast Lean Smart we have developed FLS Mobile which is the answer to accurate and reliable mobile appointment scheduling software. Our software works across all mobile platforms which includes iOS, Windows, Android, etc to ensure that whichever type of mobile devices your organisation relies on, you will be able to benefit from the range of features that FLS Mobile provides.

With our dynamic real-time appointment scheduling you can be sure that no appointments will be missed or double booked. It now couldn’t be easier for field staff and internal staff to engage with each other quickly and cost effectively.

To find out more about the benefits of mobile appointment scheduling from FLS please call our team on 01189 380 315. We look forward to hearing from you.

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