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Looking to improve the way in which you work?

Many management tasks previously relied on paperwork and doing a lot of processes by hand, but technology is changing the way we work. Mobile workforce management software can be implemented to manage and monitor the way in which your field service staff operate on a daily basis. Effective workforce optimisation can improve the way your employees work as individuals and as a team, a unit.

Fast Lean Smart (FLS) offers a platform-independent mobile solution called FLS MOBILE. This software, once implemented, will allow you to interact more effectively with your field service staff. Call information can be easily accessed by both your back office and front line staff, ensuring better communication while making sure that everyone is kept informed of the latest developments.

When FLS MOBILE is used in combination with FLS VISITOUR the software can help you to manage route optimisation and scheduling. Whatever your business objectives, the software will respond to those objectives, making it easier for you to achieve them.

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