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Do you want to improve communication and interaction with service staff for improved service quality?

Do you want to give your service and sales activities a boost? If you’re looking for mobile workforce management software then you can find the solution with Fast Lean Smart (FLS) and our superior product, FLS MOBILE.

FLS MOBILE software offers you a mobile solution which uses the latest hybrid technology. The workforce scheduling software allows you to interact permanently, at any time or in any place, with your service staff. Whatever your objectives, the scheduling system can work with those objectives in mind. FLS MOBILE, when used alongside FLS VISITOUR, will enhance efficiency and streamline service and sales processes.

So, what’s the main advantage of using our mobile workforce software? You will be able to improve service quality and value due to the constant exchange of information between service staff. With the FLS MOBILE, processes will no longer need to use paper – operations will be more efficient, transparent, and reliable.

For all your workforce management solutions, look to FLS.