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Do you need an appointment scheduling provider?

Do you want to make it easier for your customers to schedule an appointment online? With the software provided by FastLeanSmart you can manage appointments, staff and customers. It’s fail-safe, easy to use, and easily integrated with existing processes.

You don’t need to use a paper calendar to schedule or remember an appointment any more. FLS VISITOUR, has many powerful appointment scheduling features, each designed with and for our existing customers in a way that always improves their service. Our in-built optimisation algorithm, POWEROPT will offer the optimum appointment schedule every time. FLS VISITOUR will use your specifications to determine the best appointments for your customers and for you.

With our appointment booking software the best appointments are put forward and optimally scheduled in real time. All the key ingredients and parameters to provide the best balance of service and cost for you and your customers are taken into account when booking an appointment, scheduling errors are minimised, and each customer who books an appointment will immediately receive a confirmed appointment whether using the online portal or calling by phone. Both you and your customers will know when their appointments are and you can also know exactly how your appointment was calculated and what was considered with the option to adjust and see what affect other options will make to service and cost. The online appointment portal is for customers and dispatchers, and this will optimise your appointment scheduling. It will also integrate easily with any existing process you already have in place.