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Every field service organisation needs a field service scheduling system that works for them, to meet their individual objectives

Fast Lean Smart’s leading product, FLS VISITOUR, offers workforce optimisation technology and complementary functionality which can be tailored to meet your objectives. Our unique PowerOPT real-time algorithm is a core feature which calculates the best routes for each field engineer and is dynamic in reacting to changes in the day; making the process of managing your workforce easy. If you want efficient and reliable route scheduling then take a look at Fast Lean Smart’s solution..

Whatever your specific service and sales goals, FLS VISITOUR has the solution. Every business needs a clear strategy, and that strategy has to be sustainable. Setting a strategy will typically result in goals and key performance indicators to track, whether on a monthly or an annual basis. The FLS VISITOUR software can help you achieve these goals whilst enabling a more satisfied workforce who spend less time travelling and enjoy giving an improved customer experience.

FLS VISITOUR supports the dynamic and real-time optimisation of your field service scheduling and helps to make operations more efficient and transparent, while saving your business time and money.

If you would like these benefits for your field service organisation then Fast Lean Smart has the software solution for you.