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Just how efficiently does your workforce operate?

Perhaps you want to improve operations and efficiently control time and cost? Whatever your business goals, it’s easier to achieve them if your workforce is organised and productive. Whether you want to improve customer satisfaction, ensure you retain the customers you worked hard to attract, control non-productive time or simply improve conditions for your workforce; our workforce scheduling software is what you need.

FLS VISITOUR is a best-in-class, powerful and customisable workforce optimisation solution. Innovative technology dynamically calculates the most efficient routes real time. Once integrated to your existing systems, FLS VISITOUR can help manage different aspects of your business, streamlining operations and helping you achieve your objectives.

FLS VISITOUR makes all the hard scheduling decisions for you whilst still giving you autonomy to run your business the way you want to. FLSVISITOUR will also ensure you efficiently utilise your back office and field based staff giving them time to provide better customer service.

A software solution from Fast Lean Smart will automatically control task allocation, route planning and the realities of change in a busy service company’s workload. When priorities are changed by customer need or there is field force sickness, absence, delay or gaps in the working day, FLSVISITOUR will manage all these scenarios instantly and constantly in the most efficient way possible.

FLS VISITOUR can offer the best software solution for your sales and service operations.