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Do you want to boost productivity and cut costs?

Are you after a complete mobile workforce management software solution? Fast Lean Smart (FLS) doesn’t just provide workforce management software. It will also help you, your business and your customers to maximise the benefits of using FLS’s technology. How can you save on business costs and keep your customers satisfied and loyal to you? They key to this is ensuring that you strike the correct balance between an efficient, happy and well-managed workforce and the service you want to provide to your customers.

FLS VISITOUR is a powerful workforce optimisation and management software package that has been engineered and refined to produce the best results in it’s class. VISITOUR efficiently creates optimised schedules and real time visibility so that your back office staff can efficiently allocate tasks and update appointment status and route scheduling. This is all done in real-time and our software is the perfect solution for improving your workforce optimisation.

Workforce optimisation technology is intended to support the work of employees, helping to improve productivity. Businesses agree that the automation of processes such as scheduling can increase workforce productivity whilst unburdening the workforce and freeing up their time.

Test us before you actually invest. This guarantees transparency and offers you the opportunity to test the performance and adaptability of the software prior to full implementation.