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At its simplest, our Mobile Workforce Management Software ‘FLS VISITOUR‘ ensures that your business has the right person, with the right skills to be in the right place and at the right time – regardless of the method of contact.

Effectively managing your workforce can be complex balancing act between meeting the demands of customers, employees, management and other stakeholders.

  • Customers will expect quality service and staff availability.
  • Employees will want job satisfaction and work-life balance.
  • Management will demand efficient, profitable and sustainable operations.

FLS VISITOUR will enable you to effectively meet all these needs!

Your customers will be offered the best possible appointment that is optimally scheduled, whilst taking into account all the specifications and rules for your business. This way, all customer wishes and requirements are observed. Scheduling errors are minimised, and your customers will immediately receive a binding appointment when calling for the first time or when using the online appointment portal. This will also lead to an improvement in the speed of answering and dealing with calls, service levels and ultimately customer satisfaction.

FLS VISITOUR’s engineer scheduling software can reduce staff turnover by giving your employees the ability to fit their workload around their home life with preference, availability and automatic handling tools. You will also see a reduction in the administration and manual handling of schedules, holiday bookings and shift trades and changes. An improvement in job satisfaction will also be seen and engineers will not be sent to call that they do not have the skills or expertise to deal with and travelling times will be greatly reduced. FLS VISITOUR enables a maximum travelling distance to be set for each engineer and the optimal travelling route is provided using real-time route optimisation.

Improving operational efficiency through the use of workforce optimisation technology will enhance your company’s performance on an individual and organisational level. FLS VISITOUR enables better reporting and performance management through the production of accurate and reliable forecasts and budgets. Operational efficiency, optimal staffing schedules and real-time insights into your entire workforce will save your company time and payroll costs.

Test us before you actually invest; this guarantees transparency and offers you the opportunity to test the performance and adaptability of our software prior to full implementation.