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The FLS MOBILE software offers a platform-independent mobile solution employing the latest cutting-edge hybrid technology.

It ensures permanent interaction with your field service staff thanks to continuous synchronisation with the field service scheduling system. All relevant call information – replacement part orders, call details, visit reports or customer signatures – are immediately available from a central point for your back office and front line staff. FLS MOBILE also supports dynamic scheduling and route optimisation with real-time status feedback. Your business will profit from the comprehensive and efficient management of the process chain for your service and sales activities.

FLS can work with your business to develop a unique mobile application that can be fully integrated to include the specific requirements and job processes for your business. This is achieved through using an agile modular framework that allows future business process changes to be more easily integrated into the application (depending on the extent of the change).

FLS’s mobile workforce management software can be integrated into your application to provide:

  • Selection of jobs without customer details
  • Countdown timers with actions
  • Photos at various points
  • Quotation process for cost calculation and fixed price agreement on device
  • Purchase orders from device
  • Recording property information
  • Recording project based work
  • Customer surveys

Developing an application for your business is normally done in stages and includes; management requirements, back office validation, field service validation, technical validation and management review and acceptance. A detailed specification including operational processes is then developed for your business and a project timescale and plan agreed with development milestones. Depending on thee requirements of the project, development may be implemented in stages rather than waiting for the full application to be completed.

Contact us to discuss how FLS MOBILE workforce management software can be integrated into an application for your business.