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The automatic distribution of tasks by FLS VISITOUR guarantees the right job is performed by the right member of staff at the right time and place

FLS’s engineer scheduling software enables the stored task description to define exactly how a job needs to be done. This intelligent task control ensures that there are no daily recurring communications concerning the distribution of tasks.

The workflow-based solution FLS VISITOUR WORKFLOW distributes the respective tasks at the right time to the right employee as well as to the connected systems or business partners. The intelligent distribution of tasks ensures the relevant field engineer has the necessary skills to meet the demands of the actual task. Valuable staff time and effort is then only spent on jobs that actually match a person’s quality profile. Once an allocated task has been completed, one click is all it takes for field staff to request the next job from FLS VISITOUR and view it on the screen.

FLS VISITOUR WORKFLOW executes a range of standardised tasks autonomously, e.g. confirming appointments by email or letter, so that staff intervention is not required.

Appointment and route scheduling for service and sales activities is highly complex. From an economical point of view, it is almost impossible without effective engineer scheduling software. FLS VISITOUR simultaneously takes into account customer wishes, SLAs and staff member skills, working hours and absences, spare parts availability and special object requirements.

FLS VISITOUR helps you to keep this complexity under control by means of comprehensive resource management. All resource and customer data can be automatically imported from leading systems to FLS VISITOUR via existing interfaces.

On the one hand you have a 360 degree information tool at your disposal. And on the other hand – and this is the reason for the software’s efficiency – this resource management approach guarantees the precise and realistic scheduling of your appointments and routes.



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