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FLS VISITOUR is the only software solution worldwide that is equipped with the innovative PowerOpt technology. PowerOpt is an algorithm that was especially developed by FLS and which dramatically accelerates calculation processes.

Unbeatable performance
A round schedule on the basis of house number-accurate geo-coding can be adjusted to a changed situation within seconds – dynamically and economically. Only PowerOpt allows you to take into account aspects like cost changes of a potential rescheduling even before an appointment has been assigned.

PowerOpt in the Service of the Environment
Proactive environmental protection is today important for companies of any size and industry. Furthermore, many companies are seeking to achieve certifications according to DIN EN ISO 14001 or “Service Carbon Footprint“ to prove their environmentally responsible behavior by introducing environment management processes.

To achieve sustainable improvements and to meet the objectives of your environmental policy, FLS PowerOpt algorithm supports you by achieving an efficient schedule with optimum deployment of your resources. In this way, you avoid unnecessary travelling and reduce the CO2 emissions of your routes. Additionally a mobile connection of the field service via FLS MOBILE enables paperless processes and reduces internal paper consumption to a minimum.

Thanks to FLS technology, you contribute to the reduction of environmental harm, help in the preservation of natural resources, and strengthen your market position.

A mid-sized used car emits around 290 g/m of CO2. During a daily route with 5 customer appointments, approximately 100 -150m are driven and therefore around 29,000 – 43,500g Co2 are emitted. By using FLS VISITOUR you will not only reduce the distance to 80 – 135 m, but also reduce your CO2 by up to 15 %.

Test the performance and the CO2 savings potential of PowerOpt:

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