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PowerOpt is the world’s leading algorithm for real-time scheduling optimisation.

PowerOpt is a dynamic heuristic algorithm that is capable of achieving incredibly precise results with very large amounts of data (>1000 resources which need to scheduled) in real time.

PowerOpt can continuously process changes to the initial situation and execute route optimisation in real-time. The target function of the algorithm combines individually defined target functions, e.g. maximizing revenue, reducing costs or minimizing service times.

PowerOpt achieves the best real-time scheduling optimisation results through its maximum precision, unique speed, and flexibility.

And you profit from this in every way possible:

  • Cost savings of up to 20%
  • Improved service level
  • Optimised sales and service processes

Domino effects

Each service scheduling event has a direct effect on the scheduling situation and results in changes to the schedule. The PowerOpt algorithm makes sure these factors are introduced into the scheduling system in real-time. Not only is the affected route adapted, but the entire planning process is checked for potential domino effects.

In combination with an intelligent system architecture, this real-time algorithm calculates the best routes for each field engineer, whilst taking into account your restrictions. The route scheduling is calculated to street level accuracy using address data; ensuring effective workforce scheduling.

Process-controlled route optimisation

This real-time optimisation is enabled by the outstanding processing speed of the PowerOpt algorithm. PowerOpt’s performance is unique and can be verified through reliable and valid testing.

No matter how skilled employees are, they are unable to respond to schedule alterations in a way that ensures each and every goal is achieved. In the short time available, it is impossible for them to consider all the effects that may occur from rescheduling without violating restrictions or failing to ensure the shortest possible route.

Route optimisation guarantees the ideal use of resources and is performed automatically in the background. However, optimisation can be activated after manual intervention, which is sometimes needed to get the best results.

PowerOpt means that you save money and generate more sales from satisfied customers.

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