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Workforce management software can dramatically improve the process of balancing the work to be completed with the available resources required to complete that work.

The workload for a company may vary from day-to-day, or hour-to-hour. If the work volume cannot be anticipated and managed effectively, then this may result in overstaffing or understaffing. Overstaffing is costly to a company, while understaffing provides an inferior service, and often results in customer dissatisfaction. Before determining the staffing level, a company must set objectives for the quality of service it wishes to provide.

These objectives detail the amount of work expected to be completed within a specified amount of time. Using these objectives, the optimal staffing requirement may be forecast. Once the work volume and staffing requirement has been forecast, the workforce scheduling can begin. Shift patterns and daily duties must be specified that best accommodate the fluctuating nature of the workload. Multiple skill sets of employees must be matched to specific tasks and individual duty preferences must also be considered, when producing a viable schedule.

Therefore, balancing the work volume and resources to achieve a desired quality of service is the essence of effective workforce management. The responsibility does not end with the production of an optimal field service scheduling. Immediate and unexpected changes in employee status, such as sick leave, or unforeseen changes in the workload dictate that conditions be constantly monitored, and spontaneous adjustments made.

FLS is the recognised technology leader in the development and implementation of workforce management software, route optimisation and mobile solutions in Europe. Today, over 35,000 field service staff members world-wide are scheduled and optimised using FLS VISITOUR.

Our customers enjoy improved transparency into their operations, improved customer satisfaction and reduced field service operational costs by up to 20%.

We want you to be convinced of the added value which our software brings, our ‘test us before you actually invest’ option offers various test versions ranging from test scenarios via web-demo, and test calculations using your data to extended pilot phases.