FLS producter:


  • Effective scheduling of 230,000 tasks to 750 distribution network field technicians including coordination of complex work orders
  • Efficient customer service and scheduling for metering technicians
  • SAP integration

  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved order fulfillment
  • Reliable appointments with customers

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, one of the largest energy companies in Germany and Europe, selected FLS VISITOUR to increase the efficiency of its field operations and customer service. Two major areas deployed are the metering ­division and EnBW Regional AG which maintains and operates electricity distribution grids with a length of 100,000 km covering 19,2002 km.

As part of a program for next generation workforce management, EnBW Regional AG selected FLS to implement an intelligent scheduling and route optimization tool. The new workflow was to integrate with an existing SAP environment and enable ­efficient scheduling of 230,000 task assignments per annum for 750 field technicians.

Today, FLS VISITOUR schedules planned and emergency tasks including complex orders requiring multiple technicians simultaneously, multiple days, split orders, trips to storage depots, specific equipment and vehicles required. Technicians receive tasks on mobile devices and send status messages which trigger the dynamic ­optimization of the entire schedule in real-time.

The EU requirement to install Smart Meters in every home and premise is a major customer service undertaking and EnBW AG selected FLS VISITOUR due to its ability to offer valid and cost effective appointments in less than a second whilst carrying out efficient resource planning.

The benefit
With the flexibility of FLS VISITOUR, EnBW have addressed complex scheduling needs and customer service challenges to ­perform effective planning whilst achieving major cost savings.