FLS producter:


  • Process and efficiency improvements across the service organization
  • Optimization of schedule including rapid response to service calls
  • Siebel integration

  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved customer service

Neopost is Europe’s leading provider of mailroom equipment and solutions and the second largest globally. Headquartered in France, Neopost has subsidiaries in 19 countries, 5,500 employees and supports 800,000 customers in 90 countries. The cross-industry customer base encompasses small and medium-size as well as big international corporations.

Neopost Germany selected FLS VISITOUR in 2008 for optimized and real-time ­scheduling of their technical field staff who perform installation appointments, planned maintenance and rapid response service calls for mailroom equipment. The project began in July 2008, integrated with the Neopost Siebel CRM system and ­successfully rolled out to 120 field staff in Germany and ­Austria just 6 weeks later.

Reliable appointments for service technicians are optimally scheduled and ­coordinated using FLS VISITOUR within seconds, thus helping to provide an efficient and customer-friendly service. The service technicians receive the jobs on their mobile devices, they send back status messages to report progress and the actual schedule is dynamically updated. Even emergency calls or other unscheduled events are taken into account in real-time, triggering re-optimization of the entire schedule which is achieved within seconds.

The benefit
With quick reacting, efficient scheduling provided by FLS VISITOUR, Neopost has achieved significant cost savings, improved customer support and established a more flexible service organization. Following this successful deployment in ­Germany and Austria, the parent company, Neopost France, has selected FLS VISITOUR for further rollout.

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