Y ou know your business best. So, who better to provide FLS VISITOUR with details of the conditions under which your customers receive appointment proposals? This could, for instance, be cost objectives, service levels, time windows, staff skills as well as spare part availability

FLS VISITOUR uses your specifications to determine the best appointments for your customers in an instant. When appointing assignments, the software takes-into-account their effect on the current route schedule and possible domino effects. Scheduling includes geocoding with street address precision.

The entire route schedule is considered for each appointment assignment and optimised cost effectively in line with the restrictions imposed by you. This complex computing process is enabled by the PowerOpt algorithm in real-time, i.e. within a matter of seconds.

This procedure means optimisation commences at the earliest stage of call scheduling and ensures the greatest possible cost-effectiveness from the very start.

Valid and cost-optimised appointment proposals in real-time for immediate appointment assignments on the phone, in your service centre or on-site at the customer's location.

The FLS VISITOUR software is able to support numerous kinds of appointment scheduling:

Proactive back office management

All open calls are submitted to the right employee at the right time automatically and intelligently in the outbound procedure. This means each customer is contacted at the desired time. The next outbound call appears on the employee’s screen as soon as the previous call has been scheduled and the conversation concluded. Besides routine service tasks, the outbound module is ideal for the forward planning of large projects in which numerous appointments have to be agreed with customers.

Inbound procedure

Incoming appointment requests from your customers are dealt with quickly and efficiently. FLS VISITOUR recognizes the customer's telephone number as soon as the call is received and automatically opens the call mask with the previously entered customer data.

Faults and emergencies

Faults and other emergencies are scheduled at the earliest opportunity thanks to appropriate high prioritisation. To schedule these emergencies in a resource-friendly manner, FLS VISITOUR reviews the status of staff in the field each time it exchanges data FLS MOBILE. The current position and workload of a field engineer can be determined, and a local emergency can, if necessary, be assigned. This call is then transferred to the field engineer immediately using a push procedure. Real-time scheduling ensures you adhere to legal regulations, e.g. response times in the event of gas emergencies.

Appointment made by field staff

When using FLS MOBILE, your field staff are able to provide your customers with appointment proposals generated directly from FLS VISITOUR, i.e. proposals that have been optimized in line with your objectives (according to cost and service targets). The customer selects an appointment there and then, which is immediately scheduled in FLS VISITOUR.

FLS VISITOUR as a ‘black box’

If you already employ a CRM/ERP solution in your call centre, simply connect FLS VISITOUR to your existing system as a "black box" and be amazed at how quickly you receive qualified appointment proposals for agreeing appointments with your customers – without the need to toggle between two systems.

Scheduling mass data

Appointments generated in a leading ERP system (e.g. SAP) can be imported into FLS VISITOUR via an interface for further scheduling activities. These are usually mass calls that result in regularly recurring service appointments or large-scale projects, e.g. meter installations or promotional campaigns.

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