21. February 2018

Improve your customer experience, service optimisation and workforce optimisation through the ‘Internet of Things’.

Imagine that each asset is equipped with smart sensors to adjust its behavior at the right time or to signal human intervention to improve workforce optimisation […]

12. January 2018

FLS MOBILE and the integration of new technologies

Integrating FLS MOBILE for existing companies can bring greater versatility to mobile workforce management. As mechanical assets become older and parts begin […]
7. December 2017

The benefits of real-time scheduling software

Managing assets and resources is an ongoing challenge for many organisations. Even a short bout of unplanned downtime can be very costly […]
22. November 2017

Engineers as brand ambassadors

Making engineers better brand ambassadors using service optimisation and scheduling solutions with Fast Lean Smart
3. November 2017

The Mobile revolution

How mobile technology has changed the game for service optimisation and mobile workforce management software. Perhaps the biggest revolution in the field […]
26. October 2017

The three flavours of workforce optimisation

Assisted, optimised or dynamic Workforce Scheduling? Many services provide a variety of different approaches to workforce scheduling. The different types and names […]