22. November 2017


Making engineers better brand ambassadors using service optimisation and scheduling solutions with Fast Leans Smart
3. November 2017

The Mobile revolution

How mobile technology has changed the game for service optimisation and mobile workforce management software. Perhaps the Biggest revolution in the field […]
26. October 2017

The three flavours of workforce optimisation

Assisted, Optimised or Dynamic Workforce Scheduling Many services provide a variety of different approaches to workforce scheduling. The different types and names […]
18. October 2017

Workforce management software against the elements

Winter is on the way and the UK’s weather is unpredictable at best. Issues can arise when harsh weather creates unforeseen complications. […]
9. October 2017

Software as a Service (SaaS) for workforce scheduling

Using software for backend workforce scheduling First of all. What is the ‘back end’. In general the back end can be described […]
2. October 2017

Real Time Scheduling Software

Dynamic Route Planning with real time scheduling software Distributors today cannot ignore customers’ demands and simply rerun the same fixed routes each […]