dispatch mangement software

is FLS's latest solution to on-demand logistics


F LS leads the way in developing technology for real-time scheduling, route optimisation and mobile solutions. What sets FLS apart is our use of the PowerOpt algorithm which has proven to provide a significant improvement to efficiency within field service businesses.

The latest product from FLS to utilise PowerOpt is Dispatch Now, hailed as the solution to the dilemma between high customer-orientation and cost pressure. Aimed at Logistics providers operating across various regions, brick and mortar retailers with their own vehicle fleets, Regional / last-mile CEP services and eCommerce businesses.

Dispatch Now is unique in being able to offer it's own customer portal, allowing customers an unprecedented level of control which is something many businesses cannot afford to be without in an ever changing industry where such services will soon become expected.

Desired deadline logistics that make everyone happy
Imagine the level of confidence customers will have in a business that can deliver their products or service, not just quickly, but at a specified time and provide truly real time progress updates.
Your customers may have found the product they want in your online shop or brick and mortar retail outlet, but the customer journey isn’t over yet by a long shot. They will be looking for a delivery date that matches their plans perfectly and does not cost them more time and effort than absolutely necessary.

Your customers may also need an installation service, old equipment/empties to be collected… in fact, they expect a perfect solution and not just a product. Your customers will also want to verify at any time that you as a service provider have everything under control. Deliver compelling proof – in real time!

Dispatch Now is able to provide all of the efficiency and dynamic, real-time scheduling abilities that PowerOpt can provide, an algorithm proven to be invaluable in the field service sector. With the ability to provide unprecedented levels of customer service, ensuring the best possible representation of your business to the your customers.