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FLS MOBILE: dynamic scheduling and route optimisation


F LS MOBILE offers you a platform-independent mobile solution employing the latest cutting-edge hybrid technology. It ensures permanent interaction with your field service staff thanks to continuous synchronisation with the scheduling system.

All relevant call information – replacement part orders, call details, visit reports or customer signatures – is immediately available from a central point for your back office and front-line staff. It can also provide GPS location data and lone worker safety functionality.

In combination with FLS VISITOUR, FLS MOBILE supports dynamic scheduling and route optimisation with real-time status feedback. FLS VISITOUR therefore responds at once to any changes and optimises the schedule with your objectives in mind. You profit from the comprehensive and efficient management of the process chain for your service and sales activities.

The advantages of FLS MOBILE:

  • Permanent exchange of information with field staff for improved service quality.
  • Real-time route optimisation based on current field information with up to 30% savings.
  • Transparent and paperless processes for efficient field and sales staff operations.

  • Performance features of FLS MOBILE:

    BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

    As a hybrid solution, our mobile application is suitable for all common mobile end devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops) and operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows). This guarantees flexibility in terms of hardware investments. Just download the app from the respective store, install it on your mobile end device, and off you go.


    Individual configuration

    Each company has individual processes. FLS MOBILE can, therefore, be easily adapted to your special requirements. Configuration is controlled from a central location and updated to all mobile end devices of the respective field engineers.

    Use in offline mode

    To ensure mobile devices provide optimum service even in areas with poor Internet access, all synchronised call data can also be opened and edited in offline mode when using FLS MOBILE. As soon as an Internet connection becomes available, FLS MOBILE automatically synchronizes all the data with the connected system.

    Navigation solutions

    Field engineers can rely on FLS MOBILE to navigate them to the call destination. The corresponding map service can be started directly from FLS MOBILE without having to provide additional details in the navigation app. Our hybrid solution uses the respective navigation applications of the operating system or a connection to other navigation systems.

    Individual user and device recognition

    User authentication is the key to creating individual access rights and call relevant information for each field staff member. Field engineers are only given the information that is relevant for the current call. Improved mobile device deployment and protection is achieved through device authentication. If lost, access to the FLS MOBILE app can be cancelled for the missing device.

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