Route Planning with Fast Lean Smart


G oogle Maps for online engineer route planning has now become one of the standard applications on smartphones and computers. In addition to the classic navigation devices in vehicles, this is a comfortable way to calculate driving routes and to allow for redirections when traffic jams occur.

Different intermediate destinations are often required at certain times along the way. This scenario occurs comparatively frequently in field service; in the case of service technicians, assembly orders or deliveries.

There is a difference between route planning and navigation and tour planning. Tour planning describes a planning process, in which orders are grouped into tours and the order in which they are to be approached is determined. The person and/or the vehicle returns to its initial position after completion of the last order. Route planning, on the other hand, usually leads from a starting point to a certain destination, thus forming more traffic from A to B.

Engineer scheduling software like FLS VISITOUR will find the best tours for your employees in otherwise a rather exhausting and time-consuming activity. Even with only 10 orders, there are over 3.6 million possibilities to drive them with only one vehicle. With the aid of high-performance algorithms such as the PowerOpt, you can achieve efficient planning in less than a second, which takes into account all the restrictions you have set up using tour planning software. For example, vehicle limitations such as size and weight can lead to additional restrictions on the roads and access routes.