5 Benefits of Engineer Scheduling Software


F ast Lean Smart is a leading worldwide software provider for; field service management, mobile workforce management and delivery solutions.

Here are five benefits that Fast Lean Smart’s real-time software for route planning and appointment scheduling in field service can provide.

Meet customer expectations

The service expectations of customers have risen. Through advancing digitisation customers expect an instant response to their problems and a guarantee of when they will be solved. Real-time scheduling that meets all your customers’ demands is therefore a must.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Scheduling calls and co-ordinating engineer’s schedules can be a tedious process that requires a major time investment. FLS allows managers to automate scheduling, so they can focus their time and energy elsewhere.

Forecast workload and staff

When planning ahead, it’s important to schedule enough employees for specific times. Employee scheduling software allows you to plan for seasonal fluctuations and new or large projects. Likewise, these capabilities can minimize an unproductive workplace caused by overscheduling.

Simplify HR processes and eliminate tedious tasks

Scheduling is a repetitive task that occurs week after week. This task can be automated, so it’s completed in mere seconds. The manager only needs to approve it and it’s done.

Manage employee needs

Not only can scheduling be tedious, but it can also get messy. For example, Employee A only works 7am to 4pm and has every other Saturday off. Then, Employee B only works 26 hours a week, and Employee C needs time off during the first week of August. It can be difficult to schedule these needs appropriately to both the employee requirements and the fulfilment of your business needs.

These are only a few of the many benefits of Fast Lean Smart’s engineer scheduling software.

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