Appointment and route scheduling for service and sales activities is a highly complex process, that is almost impossible without effective engineer scheduling software.


Effective Engineer Scheduling Software


A ppointment and route scheduling for service and sales activities is a highly complex process, that is almost impossible without effective Engineer scheduling software.

FLS Engineer scheduling software simultaneously takes into account customer wishes, SLAs and staff member skills, working hours and absences, spare parts availability and special object requirements while also running a profitable and efficient field service team.

FLS VISITOUR helps you to keep this complexity under control by means of comprehensive resource management. All resource and customer data can be automatically imported from leading systems to FLS VISITOUR via existing interfaces.

On the one hand you have a 360 degree information tool at your disposal, and on the other hand – and this is the reason for the software's efficiency – this resource management approach guarantees the precise and realistic scheduling of your appointments and routes.

The following resource management specifications can be considered in FLS VISITOUR for your appointment scheduling and route planning activities:

Field Engineers
Individual working hours and periods of absence, on call and emergency hours, level of training, special skills, area of expertise, allocated region, capacities, general routes and the team as a whole will all be taken into consideration for effective field service optimisation.

Stock levels, call postings, orders, engineer car stock and material inventory will be automatically managed.

Machine, device, building data, etc., location, special features of the location (e.g. preservation calls), precise location tracking of the object being serviced (e.g. apartment, fuse box, meter), required tools (e.g. ladder), installed materials, devices and object history will be amiable for each specific job.

Service Partners & External Contractors
Scheduling of calls to external resources according to your defined restrictions.

To find the best fit, you should analyse the offers as intensively as possible. And this is the precise approach of our consulting services. We wish to give you the opportunity to test FLS VISITOUR from every angle which you deem important for your business. But, we also wish to know everything there is to know about you. We want to understand your processes and requirements; we want to be able to identify with your strategies and operational business.

We are the experts for workforce management software and offer you the most innovative technology worldwide. We see consultancy as an exciting opportunity for us to help you get maximum benefit from this technology advantage in the most transparent way possible.