Making engineers better brand ambassadors using service optimisation and scheduling solutions with Fast Lean Smart

Engineers as brand ambassadors

Making engineers better brand ambassadors using service optimisation


F ast Lean Smart offers a unique variety of engineer scheduling software and service optimisation solutions, which can improve your clients experience while saving you money.

While repair and maintenance are their primary role, field service engineers are in a position unique to almost any other employee. They are the public face of the field service industry and therefore the company representatives. This is why effective service optimisation is invaluable.

The Face of the business

Many companies invest countless hours into developing customer relationships and although this is invaluable in driving sales, field service engineers are the front line of the business and ultimately, they create the final impression for the client.

Being the central experience for a client it is important for engineers to create a good lasting impression. Implementing engineer scheduling from Fast Lean Smart can help improve this.

Customer experience

Ultimately, it doesn’t take much to create a bad impression. Arriving late or not being able to complete a job due to the wrong tools or sending an engineer with the wrong skillset, can put a client off very easily. These situations can be avoided.

Utilising a digital solution for service optimisation can make all the difference. Fast Lean Smarts PowerOpt algorithm can ensure that these mistakes are avoided. Being able to adapt to various situations in real-time ensures that a client will never be left waiting without a clear idea of when helps is on the way.

The resource management capabilities provided with FLS’s engineer scheduling software means that when an engineer does arrive, they’re the correct person, with the correct skills for the job and will have the correct tools and parts to deal with the job in hand.

Implementing FLS engineer scheduling software can also reduce transport costs by up to 20% while also drastically improving the clients experience; which is simply priceless.