Mobile solutions for field staff have become an essential and useful part of field service management and field service optimisation.


FLS Mobile: Field Service Management


M obile solutions for field staff have become an essential and useful part of field service management and field service optimisation

Rapid technological advances mean it is now possible to access large amounts of structured data almost anywhere and at anytime. The resulting positive effects on field service management and service and sales processes at various levels are immense.

Besides enhancing the accessibility and availability of information to carry out jobs successfully on-site, it is also possible to increase the efficiency of dynamic and automated appointment and route scheduling. The platform-independent hybrid application FLS MOBILE allows you to redefine communication with your field staff, business partners, and customers, and to tap into previously unused potential.

Optimisation of appointment and route scheduling with real-time data is enabled by connecting the optional FLS MOBILE and FLS VISITOUR. Call data is either transferred as a complete set in advance or as individual pieces of data from FLS VISITOUR to FLS MOBILE (or your own mobile application).

FLS MOBILE sends current status messages about the call to FLS VISITOUR in real-time, such as on route, work start, completion, interruptions or remaining working time. FLS VISITOUR aligns the data with, as yet, unscheduled appointments, and, if necessary, optimises the route and sends instant feedback to FLS MOBILE. Already scheduled appointments are not altered.

Intelligent call management will increase the level of achievement during an initial visit through an intelligent supply of information. This helps to cut costs, and guarantees satisfied customers. Furthermore, supporting a transparent and paperless processes through data transfer has become a standard feature of the service and sales business. Data is exchanged by means of permanent synchronisation in real-time.

Staff radar ensures optimum support from colleagues. When a member of your field staff encounters a problem at the customer's premises which they are unable to solve, a colleague, who is working close by can provide a helping hand.

FLS MOBILE enables employee self-service as field staff can send details about their working hours and periods of absence back to office staff and compliments the benefits of FLS VISITOUR.