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   Jeremy Squire

W hat happens when your business and customers need more than your manual scheduling can easily provide?

We know that field service scheduling is one of the most fundamental aspects in any successful field service organisation – having the right people in the right place at the right time balanced against all the other pulls and challenges day to day.

As the business grows it reaches a point where the challenges of scheduling and managing field service appointments becomes increasingly demanding, and increasingly inefficient. While one person could manage the diary of ten people, ten people managing the diary of a hundred is less efficient as undoubtedly the boundaries / groups chosen are restricted in terms of crossover or overall transparency.

As the complexity of modern contracts continues to increase together with the demands of customers for smaller appointment windows it becomes increasingly difficult to manage using a manual system. That’s where FLS VISITOUR comes in.

Effective workforce scheduling using FLS VISITOUR frees you from this people-heavy, manual dispatch approach and delivers an optimised schedule based on the rules you prioritise. The return on investment seen through efficiency increases, cost to schedule and customer KPIs can be easily seen.

Our field service optimisation software will also make sure that:

· The right job is assigned to the most appropriately skilled technician(s)

· Technicians do not have overbooked or infeasible schedules

· Customer appointment time windows can be booked

· Engineers do less crossover and less travel

· The schedule is as efficient as possible without negatively impacting operational necessities or customer satisfaction

Unlike many of our competitors we believe that our product can help doing the selling for us. We offer trials allowing you to test the proposition before purchasing the final solution guaranteeing you transparency and comfort prior to full implementation. We’ve got a range of tests and trials available.