FLS products:


  • Optimization of service
  • Mobile Solution on iPhone
  • Central planning

  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduction of mileage
  • More orders proceeded
  • Improved order fulfillment
  • Improvement of calls / FSE /day up to 20%

Elite Gaming is the market leader in the arcade sector and slot machines in Denmark. Together with over 500 Adult Gaming Centres and partners across the country, they are working hard to expand their position as the most flexible and service-minded supplier. Elite Gaming A/S is a 100% owned subsidiary of Danske Spil A/S and is headquartered near Copenhagen. The company has its own running technician staff.

The challenges
"There is nothing that can arouse strong feelings as a faulty slot machine. Therefore, our engineer has to be on site soon after the problem has occurred. Customers have a service agreement where we guarantee to be there within an agreed time. It is extremely difficult to comply with the agreements without an effective route optimization- and scheduling tool that provides knowledge about where engineers are accurately located on today‘s trip at a given time, and how many tasks they have left on that day," says service coordinator Anders Kristoffersen, Elite Gaming.

„Another challenge is that many calls cannot be closed at the first visit, but we have to order and pick up spare parts and thus we come around the customer several times. This makes the routes more complicated to execute," explains service coordinator Anders Kristoffersen, Elite Gaming.
Elite Gaming chose to implement FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE to all exiting engineers. With FLS MOBILE on their iPhone, the engineers are sending status message before each customer visit. This provides the service coordinator in the office with important knowledge about the tasks the engineers are doing and exactly where they are. Another advantage of the new solution is that FLS can plan the engineer’s routes, so there will be spent minimal time wasted on the road. If an engineer gets sick in the middle of the route the FLS solution ensures to distribute the visits to the colleagues who have the spare time. "Before implementing the FLS solution engineers controlled their own time and tasks, and it was not ideal for us, because jobs were distributed unevenly, so we had to operate with extra capacity," says service coordinator Anders Kristoffersen.

Cooperation benefits our business
„Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit unserer neuen Lösung. Basierend auf FLS VISITOUR und FLS MOBILE konnten parallel neue Prozesse und organisatorische "We are very pleased with the FLS solution. Due to the combination of FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE new processes and organizational changes have been implemented. As a result, our engineers are able to complete 20% more jobs per day than before. This can be seen at the bottom line," says Managing Director Jette Posch, Elite Gaming.

"FLS is very professional and has helped us to put together the right solution. It was important for us to focus, and only buy the FLS VISITOUR modules that add value to our business. And we have succeeded!" concludes Jette Posch, Elite Gaming.