• Introduction of a software-based appointment and route scheduling solution as well as a mobile solution for 140 technicians
  • Short implementation phase and rapid go-live
  • Scalability of the scheduling solution
  • Dynamic real-time scheduling for 24/7 emergency service

  • 52% fall in mileage in the route schedule
  • Ecological aspect of the fall in mileage: 900,000 kg CO2 reduction
  • Transparent service processes thanks to the provision of extensive data material and its evaluation options
  • Increased scheduling efficiency

Whether you are after ice-cream, frozen vegetables or an ice-cold lemonade, SECO Kältetechnik GmbH, the German specialist for refrigeration and building control systems, will most probably have something to do with it. Today, SECO employs over 250 people and services 880,000 plug-in appliances in service stations, supermarkets, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Germany and Austria. "Our employees are the key to our success. We wish to create the best working conditions and ensure our skills and technical knowledge are always up to date and comprehensive", explains Björn Stemmermann, authorized officer responsible for project management and IT.

The challenge
In 2009, SECO's significant and sustained growth demanded the implementation of professional appointment and route scheduling software to coordinate the 80 SECO field engineers and a number of partner firms. The seamless integration of the mobile solution FLS MOBILE twelve months later proved just as simple. A decisive argument in favour of the FLS software was, above all else, it’s rapid implementation. It was also important for SECO that FLS VISITOUR provides the scalability and flexibility required to meet today's business challenges: FLS VISITOUR must contribute to the company's growth strategy and be able to respond to new process demands.

The solution with FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE
Implementation was realized as expected - fast, lean, and smart. FLS VISITOUR was up and running as a productive system less than three months after submitting the quotation. This also included an extensive test program. Dynamic real-time scheduling in FLS VISITOUR ensures a fast and efficient response to faults that must be eliminated within the 24/7 emergency service. Moreover, daily scheduling work also runs considerably smoother.According to Stemmermann, the FLS software allows for a greater transparency of the service processes. Customers can be offered up-to-the-minute information about the scheduling situation at any time and have access to detailed data analysis information in the terms of the contractual relationship.

The benefit
The company's figures prove emphatically just how efficiently processes can be scheduled with FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE. SECO has registered a 52% fall in mileage per call. From an ecological footprint perspective, it is equivalent to over 900,000 kg of CO2 each year. The transparency of the processes achieved by using FLS VISITOUR data is an effective advantage for customer acquisition and has more than once been the decisive factor in choosing SECO as the service provider.

»FLS is familiar with every aspect of our business, and has always provided us with the perfect solution for our needs. We feel in safe hands with FLS.« Björn Stemmermann, Authorized Officer at SECO Kältetechnik GmbH.