FLS products:


  • Implementation of FLS VISITOUR (largest SaaS-Project in service environment worldwide)
  • Optimization of service processes with the objective to guarantee seamless access to the vending machines for the customers
  • Scheduling of both technicians and merchandiser

  • Significant cost savings
  • Optimization of the continuous availability of the vending machines
  • Significant less dispatching effort for service managers

Founded in 1957, Selecta Group is now represented in 22 countries with over 150,000 vending machines for food, snacks, and beverages. Over 6 million consumers are served every day through the company’s machines in offices, service stations, hospitals, and public buildings, such as airports and train stations. Selecta strives to provide the best experience for its customers and to ensure they have access to its products anytime, anywhere.

The challenge
The service and sales demands placed on these machines are extremely complex. The merchandisers provide a full range of services that includes not only regular filling, cleaning, and cash collection, but also ensuring the machines have sufficient change.The field engineers are responsible for routine maintenance and trouble-free use. Depending on the actual number of machines, a large sequence of tasks may need to be performed each day. Furthermore, the tasks must be completed with the minimum amount of fuss for consumers. Quite often there are several machines at various locations within large and public buildings. The key here is to plan an efficient combination and sequence of the required tasks. Additionally, optimization of the route schedule must incorporate logistical processes for the supply of goods, access restrictions (e.g. duty-free area), and seasonal differences.

The solution with FLS VISITOUR
FLS VISITOUR is designed to handle this level of complexity, combining all the required tasks in efficient and effective routes, whilst taking into account any restrictions. This applies to both strategic basic scheduling and dynamic business scheduling with sudden changes. "As part of the Europe-wide roll-out, it is important to make country-specific processes transparent with FLS VISITOUR and to standardize them in a meaningful and measurable way," explains Aribert Gerbode, senior project manager at Selecta AG. "At the same time, we hope optimized route scheduling with FLS VISITOUR will increase efficiency throughout Europe and provide our customers with better services and functionality. We have already enjoyed initial success in Switzerland, Austria, and Great Britain."

FLS VISITOUR was provided as a SaaS solution for Selecta. The company-wide rollout is currently one of the largest SaaS projects in mobile workforce management worldwide.
The benefit
"Besides the cost savings in back office and field services, the working conditions for our staff have also been enhanced significantly. Our team leaders can now pay greater attention to staff management and customer satisfaction." MILAN LUKIC, IS Project Manager, Selecta Group.