• Switch-over to centralized scheduling accompanied by the introduction of a software-based appointment and route scheduling solution as well as a mobile solution
  • Growth of the service business must be mapped by the scalability of the scheduling solution
  • Efficient rescheduling of frequently occurring vacant time windows resulting from call changes by the customer in daily business

  • Considerable enhancement of the service quality: 90% of the customers assess the service as very good or good
  • Increase of productivity by 72%
  • Reduction of call processing time by 42%
  • Reduction of driving time by 41%
  • Compensated growth: Three times as many calls are processed with the same number of staff

Sky Deutschland AG is the leading subscription-based digital TV provider in Germany and Austria with over 3.8 million customers and an annual revenue of more than €1.7 bn. Sky focuses on providing its customers with an exclusive and high-quality package of channels and programs, exciting and innovative entertainment, as well as outstanding customer service.

The challenge
One way to receive Sky services is through the in-home installation of a Sky digital satellite receiver. Sky therefore provides its customers with an in-home installation service. To meet its service targets despite a rising number of orders, Sky decided to introduce a central scheduling system for its service engineers in 2011. Since then, FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE have been responsible for scheduling the appointments and routes of the field engineers.

The solution with FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE
Sky Deutschland was impressed with FLS VISITOUR due to the optional interface to the customer management system, presentation of various call types, output of a route plan with graphical representation, and connection to mobile end devices.

The benefit
In addition to the improved utilization rate of technicians especially the customers benefit from scheduling optimization. The latest KPIs show that over 90 % of Sky customers feel Sky's in-home service is very good or good.

»Since the beginning of 2011, all the relevant key figures for Sky’s field service have improved. We have seen a 72% increase in productivity, while reducing the processing time and journey times by 42 % and 41 % respectively. By the way, since introducing FLS, we have been able to process three times as many calls with the same number of back office staff.« LYDIA OTTO, Director Field Service / Supply Chain, Sky Deutschland