• Introduction of a software-based appointment and route scheduling solution for delivering medical aids by healthcare professionals
  • A number of restrictions in the scheduling process including warehousing and procurement conditions
  • Rapid go-live
  • Scalability of the scheduling solution
  • Increase in service quality through short response times

  • Significantly increased service quality
  • Shorter response times for customers
  • More efficient scheduling processes
  • Consideration of industry-specific conditions including warehousing and procurement
  • System implementation in just one week

This family-owned business Strehlow GmbH has been providing top quality service in the healthcare sector for over 25 years true to the motto "Caring for your heath" – and is a leader in the German medical equipment market. Over 290 employees provide medical aids and appliances to patients at home or in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. Besides delivering and repairing equipment, service also includes consultancy, support, and advice in all aspects of healthcare needs.

The challenge
This full service places heavy demands on staff organizing deliveries. This requires, above all, fast and reliable service, as many of the products need to be available for next day delivery. To ensure the recipient is available to accept delivery, the dispatching team has to arrange a vast number of appointments with customers each day.

The employee who delivers the product must also have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience demanded by the medical appliances or care. Florian Hänschke, Project Manager for Process and Information Management, Strehlow GmbH: "Our goal is to improve our customers' quality of life. Excellent on-site consulting and customer support is a key ingredient. It must be ensured that the employee who delivers the product also has the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience demanded by the medical appliances or care." Strehlow offers a wide range of medical aids, appliances, and services as well as the afore-mentioned general rules, which places additional pressure on route scheduling resources.

The solution with FLS VISITOUR
Therefore, in 2012, the company decided to implement FLS VISITOUR for professional appointment and route scheduling. Strehlow has been impressed with the software's flexibility due to individual parametrization and scalability. "We never had the feeling that FLS was just trying to make a quick sale. FLS thoroughly investigated our processes and IT environment in order to tailor the system configuration to our requirements", says Hänschke.

The Benefit
Implementation of FLS VISITOUR in less than a week proves that provision can also occur "FAST LEAN SMART" in combination with a diligent process analysis. Implementation of FLS VISITOUR has led to a further increase in service quality, whilst a considerable reduction in the amount of scheduling effort and cost has been realized.

Strehlow is growing steadily; and the industry-specific conditions in this market are becoming more and more demanding. The software from FLS "grows" with these challenges and thus ensures continuous efficiency in this service business.

FLS received excellent support from the IT experts at Strehlow in tackling multiple and complex issues. Each year Strehlow and FLS sit down together and discuss new targets to map the scheduling of further company divisions with FLS VISITOUR.