1 +1+1 equals 1. What sounds like a strange calculation at first is an exciting merger that makes it possible to form strong, industry-leading software companies into an even stronger group: the SOLVARES GROUP.


If we look at a wide variety of industries, a wide variety of customer landscapes and also holistically at our society, we see that constant change, constant adaptation to requirements and constant optimisation of one's own structure, one's own solutions and one's own focus are necessary: Buying behaviour is changing and is constantly characterised by rapid decisions. In times of Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon and other apps, people expect solutions that are permanently available, that can be used immediately and flexibly and for which they only pay while using them. At first glance, this seems to have no impact on general logistics processes, customer service and B2B business. However, if we focus on the common denominator "people", it quickly becomes clear that behind every logistics process, behind every software solution and behind every customer service there are also people's expectations that are influenced by change and have an impact on product life cycles - whether in the software sector or in manufacturing.

So how can established companies constantly adapt their solutions and products to these expectations and requirements, and at the same time continue to develop at high speed, with great élan and with the focus on customers, in order to survive in the complex markets of the future?


One solution is obvious: combine the expertise of a wide variety of specialists and industry leaders to create a diverse and comprehensive portfolio with custom-fit solutions. To give the companies the freedom to develop, to learn from each other, to benefit from each other's expertise and to jointly focus on permanent optimisation.
The merger of the companies FLS – FAST LEAN SMART, impactit and Städtler Logistik is such a clever move: The SOLVARES GROUP portfolio enables optimisation of the entire value and supply chain - from sales to field service and outbound logistics to service.


Every single company in the SOLVARES GROUP has its own individual culture, team spirit and strengths. What unites them is the responsibility for their actions and their goals. With the formation of a group of companies, it is important to unite these goals in order to act responsibly and to jointly lead the group to success through innovation, agility and creative thinking and of course to continuously develop it further. This way, solutions can be created that meet people's expectations of speed, short notice and availability and always deliver the best possible result for customers.

The acquisition of FLS GmbH in 2018 created the SOLVARES GROUP, headquartered in Heikendorf near Kiel. Through the expansion with impactit GmbH and Städtler Logistik GmbH & Co. KG in 2021, a new market leader for resource optimisation is established in Europe with currently 7 locations in 4 countries. The portfolio serves to optimise the entire value chain - from sales to field service and transport logistics to service. The focus is always on intelligent resource optimisation through best-of-breed solutions for the customer. FLS GmbH, impactit GmbH and Städtler Logistik GmbH & Co. KG are 100% subsidiaries of the SOLVARES GROUP.