Through the interaction of FLS VISITOURand Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you combine the capabilities of our worldwide unique Algorithm PowerOpt with that of the CRM system and any connected ERP system.




F LS VISITOUR for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated solution for the optimal appointment and route planning of your service. Through the interaction of FLS VISITOUR and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you combine the capabilities of our worldwide unique Algorithm PowerOpt with that of the CRM system and any connected ERP system.

Maximum benefit: FLS VSITOUR and FieldOne of Microsoft

Through the acquisition of FieldOne by Microsoft in 2015, Microsoft confirms its ambitions to offer a comprehensive solution for the service with Dynamics CRM. The goal of this acquisition is to provide customer and field service with innovative solutions for the best customer service.

The add-on of FLS builds on the functionalities of FieldOne and starts in the service process exactly there where the highest cost saving potential is – in the appointment and route planning.


The working method of FLS VISITOUR for MS Dynamics CRM is unique in the world and offers you a competitive advantage through high benefits:

  • Cost savings in the disposition and travel time by up to 20%
  • Improved customer satisfaction: More time for your customers on site and offering of customer-oriented time windows for the appointment
  • Satisfied employees through software managed processes
  • Deployment on-premise or as a cloud version

The domino effect in the appointment and route planning

The FLS VISITOUR server provides appointment proposals within seconds for an optimal capacity of your employees. Thereby it works as a "black box" in the background. For planning-relevant information such as order and master data, FLS VISITOUR refers automatically to filled information in the CRM database.

FLS VISITOUR for MS Dynamics CRM processes permanent changes of the initial situation in the service planning. The uniqueness of this process is that not only the routes affected by the change are recalculated but the whole route planning is checked for domino effects. Thereby, a far higher optimization potential results as with conventional route planning systems.

This calculation method starts already with the generation of appointment proposals. You get an individually defined number of appointment proposals for which a “virtual” route planning has already taken place in the background. The additional costs per appointment proposal are displayed to you. It rests with you, which appointment you offer your customers - whether cost- or service-oriented.

On-site mobile connection of your employees

You can conveniently enable the interaction between service technicians and the dispatchers working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM over a mobile device of your choice. The real-time communication and transmission of status changes and new process actions guarantee a best possible route optimization and a decisive competitive advantage in customer service and cost structure. Thereby, any mobile client application comes into consideration directly from Microsoft or Microsoft partners.

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