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  Jeremy Squire

F ield service organisations must keep customer satisfaction at a high level, have control over margins and also keep operational costs low. They should also make every effort to fully understand their employees and service requirements so that the right engineer arrives at the right time with the right skills and the right materials to ensure customer satisfaction and retention of service contracts and therefore revenue.

With all kinds of technological developments and innovations emerging, such as IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence, there are multiple revenue models. However, operational efficiency and making the right strategic choices will always be at the heart of field service profitability.


According to Gartner's Field Service Management report (published on 3 November 2016), by 2020 circa 80% of organisations with more than 75 field service engineers will miss more than 20% of planned efficiency due to incomplete integration or design.

Software systems with a complete integration of field service functionalities form the basis for being prepared for the above developments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service in combination with Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX or SAP offers this integration and gives your organisation the opportunity to manage your objectives. Your organization will make progress in:

  • Optimising processes and increasing margins
  • Increasing the occupancy rate of your technicians
  • Improving the follow-up of SLAs
  • Improving first time fix rates and thus more customer satisfaction
  • Reducing mileage and CO2 emissions
  • Improving inventory management

By integrating the mathematical schedule and route opimisation algorithm, FLS PowerOpt within your Microsoft Dynamics environment, more time will be made available for your (field staff) employees. Time that can be spent on your customers, on the right technical and communication training to raise the customer experience to a higher level or to carry out additional assignments. A significant increase in productivity and customer experience with this turbo is now feasible.

Are you satisfied with 10% efficiency and your current customer experience? Increased customer experience and 20 - 50% productivity improvement is easy to realise and demonstrate with FLS' globally unique algorithm.

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