FLS VISITOUR - engineer scheduling software and mobile workforce management software.


T he mobile workforce management software FLS VISITOUR, utilises a process-driven approach and maps your corporate reality through the individual parameterisation of the target functions, whilst taking into account your own objectives.

FLS VISITOUR supports the real-time optimisation of your back-office staff through proactive task allocation, as well as the daily appointment and route scheduling of your field staff – thereby helping to achieve measurable success; qualified resource scheduling, no unnecessary kilometres travelled, no double booking of appointments, improved customer service performance, and verifiable cost savings.

PowerOpt technology – fast and precise at the same time

FLS VISITOUR is the only solution worldwide to boast the PowerOpt technology. This algorithm, developed in-house by FLS since1992, ensures ultra-fast computing while enabling route scheduling to house number level and thus optimum dynamic scheduling in real time. The speed and precision of the scheduling results are unique and even incorporate real-time traffic speeds.

Dynamic scheduling – route optimisation in real time

If the initial situation changes due to staff absences, customer cancellations or ad-hoc calls, FLS VISITOUR reschedules the existing appointments and routes in an instant. All schedules are updated, ensuring possible delays are indicated immediately and schedules adjusted accordingly. Not only is the affected route adapted, but the entire planning process is checked for potential domino effects.

Consideration of restrictions for mapping your processes

Configuration of FLS VISITOUR is very flexible and takes into account the restrictions that are relevant for your business processes. This way, our software enables efficient scheduling and, above all, the best possible support for your customers in service and sales.

FLS VISITOUR even masters complex scheduling tasks such as dependencies, multi-day calls, multi-engineer calls, overnight stays, depot pick-ups, and on-call routes – and is still easy to operate thanks to its intuitive GUI.

Online appointment portal – for customers

The FLS customer self-service portal offers web-based access and connection to the FLS VISITOUR Server and allows the inclusion of real-time optimised appointments in the calendar. Once the customer has selected a binding appointment, routes are further optimised continuously within the agreed time windows.

The choice of appointment offers can be controlled using adjustable parameters depending on whether you wish to focus on reducing costs or generating a higher level of service. This portal can be integrated seamlessly into an existing process (e.g. online ordering or on-premise advice) and can be configured to suit any customer wishes.

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