The integration of new technologies


A s mechanical assets become older and parts begin to require maintenance and repairs, there is a greater chance of things going wrong more frequently. When they do, it is the role of the field service technician to visit the site and rectify the issue. Traditionally, before arriving on site a technician will have very little insight as to what has gone wrong and what parts or tools may be required to repair the fault. Mobile workforce optimisation and the drive to combat this has been a key focal point for the industry in recent years. On top of this, a challenge to many businesses is meeting the trials of peak time demands and managing performance in difficult high-pressure situations. Historically, this approach to workforce optimisation has been inefficient and costly.
As technology has advanced we are now able to overcome this. We are able to revolutionise workforce optimisation and provide greater levels of insight to field service professionals. This advantage is very quickly becoming more crucial as margins get thinner and competition grows.
FLS MOBILE offers businesses a range of advantages including a paperless transparent process chain and permanent information exchange between the head office and field service staff. This fluidity of information exchange is further compounded with field service scheduling and route optimisation support through real-time status reports that allow unprecedented versatility.
Asset heavy companies have often pushed to improve efficiency; a challenge that is difficult to meet without investing in workforce optimisation software solutions. By combining real-time field service scheduling with the versatility of FLS MOBILE, businesses now have the ability to gain a greater understanding of potential issues and how to act upon them quickly and efficiently.

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