Integrated street map – for real-time schedule optimisation


A key design component of FLS VISITOUR is the incorporation of digital street map data from the global market leader TomTom Licensing.

The software is therefore not dependent on map material from external map servers and this has an extremely positive effect on the performance of FLS VISITOUR. Together with the ultra-fast route and matrix algorithm PowerOpt, the integrated map forms the basis for real-time schedule optimisation to street level.

Optimum appointment scheduling

During the appointment identification and assignment phase, FLS VISITOUR already calculates the effects on the current route schedule - and all this with street level routing to house number level accuracy and traffic based driving times.

The best possible appointments are proposed and optimally scheduled whilst taking into account all the specifications and rules. This way, all customer wishes, and requirements are observed, scheduling errors prevented, and your customers immediately receive a binding appointment when calling for the first time or using the self-service online appointment portal.

Convincing real-time planning

Our in-house developed ultra-fast route and matrix algorithms form the basis for real-time scheduling. The exact and optimum route sequence is already calculated when agreeing an appointment by taking into account the driven miles and driving times combined with the reference costs. This is the best way to achieve the most effective appointments and realistic scheduling of field staff.

Independent of external map servers

An important part of this unique real-time performance is the fully integrated street map in the FLS VISITOUR Server. Using a technology specifically developed by FLS map experts, the raw TomTom data are converted into a proprietary mathematical model which delivers a unique high performance. As the data is held in the working memory of the FLS VISITOUR Server, external GIS servers are not required; dependencies on external companies and performance loss due to interfaces are thus completely avoided. This technology enables high-performance real-time scheduling with a vast volume of calls.

The integrated street map provides you with immense benefits:

  • Excellent performance (example: calculation of 10,000 distances in 0.5 seconds)
  • Further development of all map algorithms through the FLS software
  • No hidden licensing costs for GIS servers
  • Simple map upgrades without additional costs
  • Support and bug fixing from a single source
  • Discover the performance of FLS VISITOUR