The real time schedule optimisation software for route planning and appointment scheduling in field service


V ISITOUR offers;

  • Real time schedule optimisation – immediate optimisation of the entire route planning should changes take place.
  • Automation - you choose the planning approach, from manual to fully automatic.
  • Data management - comprehensive settings for staff, property, clients, and order types.
  • Data exchange - permanent connection to your field service mobile equipment.
  • Data protection - strict adherence to your industry-specific guidelines (e.g. legal regulations, co-determination, compliance regulations, etc.).
  • Multi-channel communication - communication with clients on web-based features.

FLS VISITOUR is a cost saver – saving your business more than 20% on dispatching and trip costs.

If you’re responsible for customer service, then our and software will take a lion’s share of the work off you and your staff’s hands.

With our real-time schedule optimisation;

  • your client will receive a binding appointment immediately.
  • appointments will have optimized routes and therefore efficient costs.
  • 24/7 client self-service through the appointment web portal with intuitive operation.
  • high first-time fix rate through precise allocation of the appropriate staff, equipment, and necessary replacement parts.
  • Information on field service arrival times through real-time data from the mobile solution.
  • short, flexibly adjustable time slots with a clear relationship to cost.
  • client feedback tool to evaluate the quality of results.
  • significant cost savings in dispatching.

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