Fast Lean Smart - The best tool for the job


F LS was founded in Germany in 1992 and produces software and solutions for; real- time 'instant' scheduling, route optimisation & workforce management, cost -led appointment booking and capacity management.

We employ 80 people with more customers in Europe than any contemporary in this market.

Our users benefit from:

  • Enhanced Service Levels
  • Pre-plan cost-effective appointments
  • Improve service, any custom time of day or timeslot can be met
  • Management visibility/control of field force, service consistency and MI
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Engineers drive less miles and can do more jobs per day
  • Less management and engineers time required to plan routes

Who are our customers?

  • FM/property services
  • Delivery services
  • Healthcare
  • Equipment manufactures
  • Utilities and telecommunications
  • Financial services

Our customers recommend us:

'…our technicians are able to complete twice as many jobs per day than before and, most importantly, over 90% of Sky customers now feel Sky's in-home service is very good.' SKY.

'FLS has been an exceptional piece of software that has added significant value to our business. The software has delivered exactly what was 'sold' as the features and benefits.' Innovation Property.

'We completed a successful pilot with FLS VISITOUR which proved the technology would enable the expected benefits and support our business case. This solution will impact our 400 engineers across the UK and Ireland and it was important to eliminate any uncertainties before we made a commitment to deploy. From the outset it felt like we were working in partnership with FLS to solve a problem statement together '. British Engineering Services.

If you would like more information or would like demonstration, we will show you how you can optimise your fieldwork and enjoy savings of up to 20% in no time.

Contact us to set up an appointment for your personal demo.