Route scheduling with a unique technology


F LS is the recognised technology leader in the development and implementation of workforce management, route optimisation and mobile solutions in Europe.

FLS VISITOUR has defined new standards in dynamic optimisation, integration with back-end systems, and workforce adoption rates – critical success factors in the optimal scheduling of your field staff and fleet, sales team, customer service, and logistics.

Today, over 35,000 field service staff members world-wide are scheduled and optimised using FLS VISITOUR, and our customers enjoy improved transparency into their operations, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced field service operational costs by up to 20%.

PowerOpt: process-driven algorithm for your route planning

A large number of field staff and customer service representatives are out and about every day providing customers with the best service possible. Therefore, well organised route planning is essential. However, the reality is often quite different: appointments often take longer than planned or congestion results in journey time delays. The consequence: late arrivals, which have a negative effect on customer satisfaction. This does not have to be the case. Clever route planning allows you to allocate appointments or deliveries for maximum efficiency.

By using our extensive experience and constant research, we have been able to develop an innovative algorithm which, for the first time, allows the real-time optimisation of schedules, appointments and route planning. PowerOpt is thus an indispensable resource for route planning and schedule planning, as the software calculates job allocation, mapping and sequencing quickly and precisely.

Route planning with dynamic appointment calculation

New appointments are released on the basis of the scheduling plan and integrated into the existing route plan. Furthermore, FLS VISITOUR, our appointment and route planning software, detects possible-combinations, and calculates the effect on the overall schedule resulting from cancellations and postponements.

Route planning with FLS VISITOUR in one sentence

As soon as a need for changes comes up, be it spur-of-the-moment or planned in advance, all staff members’ routes are adjusted and planned in real time, so within seconds, you have a completely new route plan that always displays realistic routes.

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