Using resource planning software for backend workforce scheduling


F irst of all. What is the ‘back end'. In general the back end can be described as the behind the scenes operation of a business. The is a part of the business which rarely comes into contact with the customers. So in terms of field service management, this is where much of the workforce scheduling and organisation of the various resources and route planning for staff is carried out. This is also where resource planning software from Fast Lean Smart can make a considerable difference

Historically the back end running of a business can be a chaotic environment, with a battle of egos and questionably reliable information for route planning. implementing Software as a service (saas) such as FLS Dispatch Now can greatly streamline the back end running of a business by simplifying the whole process.

The Benefits

An example of the advantages of Software as a service. In a software such as FLS VISITOUR, we can see the use of speed profiles. With the Speed Profile, every individual street is assigned a speed profile on the basis of historical, real user data. This individualisation is made even on road sections in long roads. With this approach the travel time data of the routes are significantly more realistic in FLS Visitour. Exactly different speed profiles can now result in roads of the same road type (e.g. federal roads).
This can create a truly accurate and reliable way to quickly plan out the fastest and most efficient route for your field service engineers, or the front end of your business. The planning and ability to react can be done nearly instantaneously when using resource planning software as the back end management of a business.

The Implementation

Using this type of software such as FLS VISITOUR, can provide a considerable advantage over traditional workforce scheduling and provide a greater flexible and versatility which is then passed down to the customer.