S OLVARES GROUP: FAST LEAN SMART (FLS) joins forces with Städtler Logistik and impactit to form the SOLVARES GROUP, the leading provider for resource optimisation

Heikendorf, 15th of March 2021 – Groundbreaking merger: SOLVARES GROUP, the parent of FLS GmbH expands after FLS GmbH by Städtler Logistik GmbH & Co. KG and by impactit GmbH. This creates a new market leader for resource optimisation in Europe. By using synergies and a buy-and-build strategy, the SOLVARES GROUP has significant sustainable growth potential of well over 20% p.a.

SOLVARES GROUP, headquartered in Heikendorf near Kiel and operating at 7 locations in 4 countries, focuses on acquisitions and the expansion of innovative software companies centered on complex optimisation tasks. With the goal of holistically optimising value chains, the SOLVARES GROUP today supports its customers in field service management, field sales management as well as transport management in addition to freight auditing.

From now on, the SOLVARES GROUP will position itself as a high-performance SaaS solution provider, which continues and intensifies the growth course and the capabilities of the companies FLS, Städtler Logistik and impactit: "With the SOLVARES GROUP, we are creating a champion in the field of resource optimisation and are already preparing further acquisitions to strengthen and expand this market position of the SOLVARES GROUP", describes Ragnar Geerdts, member of the management board of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, upon the formation of the company group.

We always make our mark with customers when an extraordinarily advanced optimisation creates a high added value for our customers. Based on this USP, we will support our customers more broadly in their value chains in logistics, field service and field sales and, in perspective, fully commit to software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our organic product strategy and our inorganic M&A strategy follow these principles and they will continue to allow us to achieve dynamic and sustainable growth.


The Austrian company impactit GmbH, with its CEO Matthias Grünberger, offers its customers targeted and personalised tour planning and route planning with the SaaS solution portatour®, especially in the field of sales force optimisation in sales, consulting and service. The German company Städtler Logistik, CEO Michael Reichle, with software products such as TRAMPAS and LP/2, (CEO Michael Reichle) optimises complex and company-specific logistics and transport processes. FLS GmbH (CEO Dr. Jens Stief), with locations in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, is the technology leader for route optimisation and specialises in software-supported real-time optimisation for efficient scheduling, route and delivery planning of vehicle, expert and technician fleets.

The acquisition of FLS GmbH in 2018 created the SOLVARES GROUP, headquartered in Heikendorf near Kiel. Through the expansion with impactit GmbH and Städtler Logistik GmbH & Co. KG in 2021, a new market leader for resource optimisation is established in Europe with currently 7 locations in 4 countries. The portfolio serves to optimise the entire value chain - from sales to field service and transport logistics to service. The focus is always on intelligent resource optimisation through best-of-breed solutions for the customer. FLS GmbH, impactit GmbH and Städtler Logistik GmbH & Co. KG are 100% subsidiaries of the SOLVARES GROUP.