25. September 2017

Engineer scheduling software from Fast Lean Smart

Google Maps for online engineer route planning has now become one of the standard applications on smartphones and computers. In addition to […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Marketing Services / Agencies

FLS Industry – Marketing Services / Agencies: When coordinating sales promoting activities, agencies must schedule effectively and efficiently the deployment of promoters […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Pest Control

FLS Industry – Pest Control: Household pests are very annoying and the pest control sector has seen double-figure growth rates in recent […]
6. December 2017

FLS Industry: Energy Providers

FLS Industry – Energy providers: Energy providers are entrusted with the basic energy supply of consumers, i.e. with the direct supply of […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Office Technologies

FLS Industry – Office Technologies: The upkeep and operability of this office infrastructure must be ensured by continuous maintenance and short-term elimination […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Insurance & Surveyors

FLS Industry – Insurance & Surveyors: Thanks to the dynamic real-time scheduling in FLS VISITOUR, short-term appointments for surveyors, experts, and advisers […]