22. November 2017

Engineers as brand ambassadors

Making engineers better brand ambassadors using service optimisation and scheduling solutions with Fast Lean Smart
6. December 2017

FLS Industry: Fire protection

FLS INDUSTRY – Fire Protection: One of the most underestimated risks is the risk of fire. Basically, a fire can […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Marketing Services / Agencies

FLS Industry – Marketing Services / Agencies: When coordinating sales promoting activities, agencies must schedule effectively and efficiently the deployment […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Machinery and Plant Engineering

Service engineers in machinery and plant engineering are highly qualified specialists. The efficient deployment of these resources is connected with […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Pest Control

FLS Industry – Pest Control: Household pests are very annoying and the pest control sector has seen double-figure growth rates […]
7. December 2017

FLS Industry: Insurance & Surveyors

FLS Industry – Insurance & Surveyors: Thanks to the dynamic real-time scheduling in FLS VISITOUR, short-term appointments for surveyors, experts, […]