The Best Appointment Setting Software


Our aim at Fast Lean Smart, is to help your business run more efficiently with the software that we provide. One of the key features contained within our software is business appointment setting to help better connect employees in the office and those on the road and enable the most effective appointments to be arranged with customers.

If you own or manage a business that relies on a number of field based staff, whether thats sales reps through to customer services representatives then you will know that one of the major challenges is ensuring that effective communication is maintained and travel between appointment is minimised in order to save time and fuel costs. This is where the platform from Fast Lean Smart really comes in to its own. Now your team can communicate with each other seamlessly by using our FLS VISITOUR programs, the most suitable appointments will be booked to save time and cost and all required staff will know what appointments have been set and the order to complete them.

Were pleased to say that along with business appointment setting there are also a number of other features and benefits included within FLS and full information can be found on our website. If you would like to find out more about how FLS can add benefit to the functioning of your business then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us sending us a message HERE.