The Mobile Revolution

How mobile technology has changed the game for service optimisation and mobile workforce management software.


P erhaps the biggest revolution in the field service industry has come from the huge advancements in mobile technology. In just a few short years, the performance of smartphones has not only matched, but even surpassed that of laptops.

This is highly significant for mobile workforce management in the field service industry as businesses can communicate seamlessly with field service engineers for up-to-date work, customer and asset information. This results in more time for engineers to concentrate on repair and maintenance work while effortlessly streamlining the ‘back end’, the paperwork and resource management.

Mobile workforce management software enables businesses to deliver an efficient and reliable experience for the most important component of their business, the customer.

For any field service engineer, having mobile workforce management software at their fingertips has quickly become one of the most important tools at their disposal. However, a poorly designed mobile application can become a hindrance if it is difficult to get to grips with and many of the benefits will be lost.

So, when looking to join the revolution in service optimisation, the 'FLS MOBILE' application operates with the latest mobile technology and provides easy to use functionality to achieve its its fullest potential, providing support to employees en route and on site quickly and easily, without causing additional work overheads. Not just a data processor, but a fully-fledged solution that incorporates seamlessly with FLS VISITOUR scheduling to improve efficiency in the service processes and raise the bar for customer service satisfaction.